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Our Sellers Take Advantage of the Following (and so can you!):

1- An agent they can reach by phone, texting or email. I keep my clients informed every step of the way.

2- Strong Marketing on BOTH: Printed Media and Internet.*

3- An HONEST opinion of value. Some of my competitors would rather tell a seller that their house is worth more than the market supports in order to earn the business. The results are disastrous to a homeowner. Overpricing a house can cost you money, underpricing a house can cost you money too. I do an extensive market analysis, to share with no hidden-agendas.  Only an honest, expert and humble opinion of the market value.

4- An in-house mortgage consultant to quickly pre-approve any interested party that inquires about the home.

5- Our agents will give you personal service and availability. You will not be dealing with assistants, but the agent directly! We want to earn your business, through good and honest service.



*3 out of 4 buyers begin their search online. This is the reason why a strong Internet presence sells homes!

Your Success is our Success. Let's make it happen! Fill out the form below and one of our agents will contact you for an appointment ASAP. Thanks.